Sunday, April 13, 2014

Punjabi Kadi Pakoda

"Kadi Pakoda" is a traditional curd based curry from north India.  The recipe and the  tastes varies from state to state. This is the most accepted and widely used method.

Punjabi Kadi Pakoda


Besan --- 1 bowl
Dry red chillies --- 2 to 3, broken and de-seeded
Onion --- 1 big diced
Corinder seeds  --- crushed and powder --- 1tbsp
Ajwain --- 1/2 tbsp
Jeera powder (roasted) --- 1 tbsp
Red chilli powder ---1/2 tbsp
Water --- about 300-400 ml
Curd --- 2 cups
Heeng -- pinch
Green chillies --- 2 to 3 finely chopped
Fenugreek seeds --- 2 pinches
Ginger- garli paste --- 1/2 tbsp
Coriander leaves --- handful- finely chopped
Oil --- 3 tbsp
Turmeric powder : 1/2 tbsp
Salt --- to taste
Sugar --- A pinch

Pakodas :   Step 1

 Take Besan in a bowl + diced onion + chopped green chillies + coriander seeds powder + salt + ajwain  +  red chilli powder + roasted jeera powder + water. mix well and prepare pakoda dumplings.  Deep Fry pakoda dumplings in hot oil till golden brown. Set aside to be used in the curry later.

Gravy mixture:  Step 2
2 cups curd + 2 cups water + salt +  Turmeric + 1 cup besan + give it a whisk.  Make sure there are no lumps formed. Keep aside.

# In  a large wok prepare the main tempering.  Heat oil + Add fenugreek seeds + dry red chillies +  heeng.
# To this tempering add  ginger garlic paste + chopped  green chillies. cook for a minute on medium to high flame.
# Add to this the mixture prepared in step 2 +  1/2 red chilli powder. Once the whole mix starts boiling , add water  1/2 cup at a time to suit the gravy consistency to want.
# Add the pakodas + Sugar + coriander leaves . Simmer for 5-8 mins. Serve hot with Steamed Rice.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Leaders dont Quit, they Fight !

My views on "Kejriwal, the U-Turn man"

Its quite ironical to see AK quit when he had all the powers in hand. When he did not have anything, he did not quit. He was a part of revolution  which later became a political outfit to fight the same cause.  If he did not quit under such tremendous pressures ( as he claims) then, why did he quit now?  Did he crush the golden egg or  did he kill the goose which laid golden eggs?

I am of the firm belief that this was all well planned and orchestrated with congress. As per AK he laid his life for the Jan Lokpal bill, and he quit!  Thats it AK ? Ran out of gas? You were here to change the politics.. remember the famous dialogue to TV channel you made before elections? "Asli rajneeti toh Lal Bahadur shastriji ne ki thi, baaki sab ne sirf  desh ko loot ke khaya hai, ab hum inhe rajneeti karna sikhayenge ".

He could not take even the slightest of criticism against him  and left his followers (aaptards) like loose  raging bulls in all media possible. Forget about the social media where every aaptard thought he was the greatest item girl in the business. What Kujli says is the word of God, without even thinking twice. You AK, you could not even take .000001% of the criticism that NaMo has gone through in the last 14 years.  NaMo stood his ground, worked, toiled hard to achieve the promised and the unpromised, the possible and the impossible.  Like everyone, you and your English educated imperialist buffoons called NaMo  communal, murderer and what not. You went a step ahead and called him the most corrupt. Do you even know what he has achieved in the last 14 years? Did you ever visit Gujrath and see the change for yourself?  Did  you meet those people who are living peacefully because they know NaMo  will not let them down ? or are you dumb enough not to witness it?  We need leaders who work, not who keep criticizing others. We need leaders working selflessly whether you make any promises or not. We need leaders who listen to us, not  who impose their dictatorship on us. We hoped you would not let the voters down, because they saw sincerity in your eyes, your words and your public behavior. Sorry, you not only let the voters down, you let down the democracy which gave you the fame you were not destined to.  You supported spammers, porn film makers, gundas, anti-national Maoists sympathizers, Kashmiri separatists, rapists, women abusers, defaulters from every day life to gravest criminals. You rewarded them by calling them "responsible and social workers".  Did you ever think at least once how is the voter feeling when you did all this?  Is this  the sham game you were in for? I pity the people who voted you. Now look at their faces, how badly you have let them down. How badly you have let yourself down. How badly you have left our democracy down.

Your game is over. You drama has ended. Find a new job!  You kicked your own fortune. You will not be called a martyr but a "looser"!  NaMo is taking Bharat ahead. And you, wanted to chase him down and crush him, when you had not even started crawling and knew how to change your nappies... Dreaming is good, but day dreaming leaves you no where. Thank you for entertaining us, we had a jolly good time. And absolutely no thanking you for letting everyone down and wasting crores of rupees for your everyday monkey adventures.

Remember AK, "LEADERS DON'T QUIT, THEY FIGHT".  God favors the 'brave' not the one who runs away with their tails hid between the legs.

Bharat Maata ki Jai.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Achari Bhindi -- Okhra

Achari Bhindi is one of the most popular North Indian sides dishes. 'Achari' because it tastes tangy like  the pickles. Amchur, the special spice ingredient gives this dish its distinct name 'Achari Bhindi'. Hope you all like the recipe.


1. Bhindi (Ladies Finger): Cut into 1.5 to 2 inch fingers: 500 gm
2. Tomatoes: finely chopped : 1
3. Onion : Diced : 1 Medium Size
4. Gram flour : Besan : 2-3 tbsp.
5. Turmeric : 1/2 tbsp
6. Coriander: coarsely powdered : 1 & 1/2 tbsp
7. Garam Masala Powder: 1 tbsp
8. Red Chilli Powder : 1 Tbsp
9. Aamchur : Dry Mango Powder : 1 tbsp
10. Roasted cummin seeds powder
11. Fennel seed / Saunf powder : 1 tbsp
12. Oil : 5-7 tbsp.
13. Salt to taste

Preparation :

1. Cut Bhindi into 1.5 to 2 inch fingers. Pat dry Bhindi and make small slits into each piece.
2. Masala Preparation: Mix ingredients 6 - 11 into a large mixing bowl.
3. Apply masala into each bhindi slit and then toss all Bhindi in the masala. Coat the bhindi with masala from all the sides.
4. Add 4-5 Tbsp oil into the bhindi mixture and toss nicely so as to coat evenly.
5. Heat 2 tbsp oil in a pan + add diced onion. Cook till onion turns soft.
6. Add finely cut tomatoes  and cook till tomatoes mash up.
7. Add Besan / Gram flour and toss nicely.
8. Add all the bhindi mixture prepared in step 3.
9. Cook on low flame . Close the pan with lid. Cook till the Bhindi turns soft.
10. Add salt and Stir occasionally.
11. Takes about 15 -20 mins of patient cooking on low flame.

Tip :

1. Bhindi has to be pat dried completely or they start to become sticky.
2. Amchur is the main spice that makes the whole dish tangy. Use fresh Amchur.

Serve Hot with Rotis or Phulkas.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Baingan Ka Bharta - Punjabi Style

This is my favorite brinjal dish. Bharta is made in almost all states in India with their own variety. This recipe is the traditional recipe from Punjab and North India.

Ingredients :

1. Egg Plant / Brinjal - 1 Medium Size (Flame Toasted)
2. Tomato - 2 Medium size (Fined Chopped)
3. Onion - 1 Medium size (Cut in Julian)
4. Capsicum - 1 Small size (Diced)
5. Ginger - 1 inch (Grated)
6. Coriander seeds - 1 Tbsp (Finely powdered)
7. Cummin Seeds - 1/2 Tbsp (Finely powdered)
8. Garam Masala - 1/2 spoon
9. Red Chilly Powder - 1/2 to 1 spoon.
10. Butter - 2 Full Tbsp
11. Oil - 3 Tbsp
12. Turmeric - 1/4 spoon
13. Asafetida - pinch
14. Green chillies - 2 to 3 (Chopped)
15. Salt to taste

Preparation :

Step 1. Toast / Roast  Brinjal with skin on direct flame or best on charcoal fire. Once it is toasted properly from all sides,  transfer it into cold water and peel off the burnt skin.

Step 2. Coarsely mash the brinjal and keep it aside.

Step 3. In a large frying pan add oil + fry green chillies+ coriander powder + cummin seed powder + Turmeric + Asafetida (heeng). Cook for minute.

Step 4. Add Onion and fry till light brown + add ginger + add Tomatoes and cook for 4-5 minutes.

Step 5. Mash all tomato  from the back of the stiring spoon.

Step 6. Add rest of the spice mix. Garam Masala + Red chilly powder for cook for minute.

Step 7. Add the mashed brinjal and cook for about 7-8 minutes. Add Capsisum + Keep coarsely mashing the whole mixture with the back of the stiring spoon.

Step 8. Add Butter  and simmer for minute ( Butter enhances the roasted brinjal's flavour)

Step 9. Add salt to taste + Coriander leaves for garnish.

Serve with Rotis. Serves 3-4 people.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Tomato Chutni - Bangalore Style

Tomato Chutni is a side dish eaten almost everywhere in the South India. Bangalore has its own variety and style of making the chutni. Bangalore style stands out as a little tangy and sweetish variety among all the varieties one can find in southern India. It is a perfect blend of mild spices with ripe tomatoes. I hope you all will like it.


1.  Red Tomatoes : 3-4 medium size. cut into small pieces.
2.  Tamarind : 1-2 small pieces.
3.  Urad Dal : 2 tbsp
4.  Asafetida (Heeng) : 1 pinch
5.  Red Chilli powder : 1-2 Tbsp
6.  Oil : 3-4 tbsp  ( I use 'til ka tel' or gingelly oil)
7.  Jaggery : 1 tbsp
8.  Sambar Powder: 1/2 tbsp


9.  Coriander seeds : 1 Tbsp
10. Fenugreek Seed / Methi seeds : 1/4 tbsp
11. Cumin seeds : 1 Tbsp
12. white pepper seeds: 2-3

13. Salt to taste.


Step 1. Tamarind pulp : Soak tamarind in warm water for 5 mins. Squeeze out all the pulp and keep aside.

Step 2. Powder:  Ingredients (9-12 )dry roast without any oil. Make fine powder. keep aside.

Step 3. Heat oil in a wide pan + Add  2 tbsp Oil + When the oil is hot, add chopped tomatoes. Cook tomatoes on medium heat for about 2 mins. Once they soften add tamrind pulp and shredded jaggery. Cook for 2 more mins until the raw smell of the tomatoes and tamarind goes away.

Step 4. Mash the tomatoes coarsely while it is cooking. Take out all the tomato mixture. Keep aside.

Step 5. Dry the pan and put it on flame again. Heat 2-3 Tbsp oil + add urad dal and fry till they turn reddish brown.

Step 6. Add heeng +  Red chilli powder + Powder made in Step 2. Fry for a min or two on medium heat.

Step 7. Add the tomato mixture prepared in step 4 and cook for 3-4 mins. + Add Sambaar powder + salt. Simmer for a minute.

Tomato chutni is traditionally eaten with steamed rice mixed with a tablespoon of ghee. One can also eat it with hot buttered Phulkas or Rotis.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Dum Aloo requires potatoes to be deep fried till cooked well.  To make this dish a little healthy and safe for all, I have skipped frying the potatoes. Instead, half boiled them. Tastes no different. Yummy !!

 Total preparation time  30 mins. Serves 4.
For Grinding:

1. Sesame seeds : 1 Tbsp
2. Coconut: Grated: 1/2 cup
3. Green chillies : 3
4. Water for consistency
5. Ginger: 1/2 inch
6. Cashew nuts: handful

Paste Mixture:

7. Curd : Half cup ( I used Amul Dahi)
8. Coriander Powder ( Dhaniya) : 1 tbsp
9. Fennel seeds ( Saunff) powder  : 1 tbsp
10. Red Chilli Powder: 1/2 - 1 Tbsp
11. Turmeric: 1/2 tbsp

11. Potatoes 4-5 medium size : Half Boiled and peeled. Cut into large dices.
12. Oil for frying : 2-3 Tbsp
13. Asafetida (Heeng) : 1 pinch
14. Jeera : Cummin Seeds : 1 Tbsp
15. Red chillies : broken into half 2-3
16. Besan : 3 Tbsp
17. Garam Masala : 1/2 Tbsp
18. Salt to taste
19. Coriander leaves for garnish


Step 1 :  Half boil potatoes. Peel off the skin and cut them into large dices. Keep aside.
Step 2 :  Grind Ingredients 1-6 and make fine paste.
Step 3 :  Make a paste from Ingredient 7-11. Mix well.
Step 4 :  Mix the ground paste made in step 2 with the curd mixture made in step 3.  Keep aside.
Step 5 :  Heat oil in a pan + Add Jeera + Wait until it crackles + Add Heeng + Red chillies. Dry roast it for a minute.
Step 6 :  Add  Besan and fry till the rawness of the besan disappears. Add a little water if needed.
Step 7 :  Add the final paste made in Step 4. Cook with a little water (if needed) till the raw smell of the ingredients disappears. If you see oil coming out from the side, that should  tell you that the paste is cooked evenly.
Step 8 : Add Garam Masala cook for a min + Salt to taste + Simmer for 2-3 mins.
Step 9 : Add chopped Handful of coriander leaves and well.

Serve hot with buttered phulkas or rotis.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mushroom Masala Dry


Cut mushrooms : 1 cup diced
Green Chillies: Cut lengthwise
Garlic Pods: 4 thinly sliced
Ginger : Half Inch : Grated
Bell Pepper:Medium Size: Cut lengthwise
White Onion: Cut thinly sliced lengthwise
Turmeric Powder: 1 Tbsp
Curry Masala Powder: 1 Tbsp
Curry Leaves: 5-6
Red chilli powder: 1 Tbsp
Tomato chilli sauce: 1 and 1/2 Tbsp.
White Pepper Powder: 2 pinch
Salt to taste
Oil for frying

Coriander leaves for Garnish

1) Heat oil in a large pan. Oil once hot, add grated ginger + chilli powder + sliced garlic. Saute for a minute.
2) Add sliced onion. Fry till golden brown. Add salt.
3) Add curry powder + Mushrooms + cut bell pepper. Fry till they soften.
4) Add tomato sauce. Cover the pan with lid till the veggies' cook. (2 - 4 mins)
5) Add salt to taste (if needed) + Curry Leaves + pepper powder, mix well.
6) Garnish with Coriander Leaves.
Serve Hot with Roti or Steamed Rice. Enjoy !!